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International Styling and Performance

Import Scene was founded in 2002 and is an incorporated Australian Company (Import Scene Pty Ltd ABN: 47 113 414 529). We are one of the longest operating and successful businesses servicing the Australian Japanese Import Scene.

The Import Scene name and logo are registered Australian Trade Marks to protect our quality brand.







Online Operations

Import Scene specialises in the online supply of Japanese Vehicle Parts and Accessories through this web store. We are located in Australia and dispatch goods within Australia ONLY.  We do NOT ship to any other countries.

Our choice to be a solely online operation is based upon reducing operational expenses to a minimum to provide maximum savings to our customers when purchasing online. Our online systems are set up so that customers can enjoy a service that is BETTER than if they went to a store personally. We are continually improving our online experience and back-end systems to provide products, and achieve customer satisfaction, in a manner unequalled by other online stores.




Our Philosophy

Our online retail philosophy is simple. We ONLY sell what we have IN-STOCK. In fact you can't see a product in our web store unless it is currently in-stock, ready to send, next business day. Stock that is reduced to zero dissappears off our on-line product list.

We are tired of seeing a growing number of 'online stores' that list every product in the world and then actually have little or no stock. Instead these stores rely on 'drop-shipping' your order by contacting the manufacturer (usually overseas) and asking them to send it to you. They have no control over the dispatch/shipping time, quality or stock control. They actually provide very little value other than taking your money and sending an email to someone else to deal with shipping out your product. 

Import Scene is VERY different. Everything you see listed is IN-STOCK in our warehouse IN Australia ready to send to you next business day. It's as simple as that. No customs, no waiting, no chasing up your order. Just CLICK, BUY, DISPATCH!




Approved Australian Distributor

We are the SOLE approved Australian distributor for the Japanese Napolex brand for supply to approved automotive dealers for the 'Levoc' and 'Lonza' sub-brands.

We also have retail distribution arrangements with major Japanese performance brands and leading distributers of Japanese performance parts.


Customer Feedback

  1. "Thanks for the response, God I wish I had gone to you first!..."|J. Woodruff|

  2. "Just want to thank you, you are a legend, if only everyone knew how to run a business like you!!! I will definitely be doing business with you again!!! Many Thanks."|O. Tyson|




  3. "...I know where I'm getting my parts from now on and I have let my mates know what great service you give ....thanks again !!!!"|J. Bond|

  4. "Legendary service!! seriously, i cant get over how quickly you guys operate."|A. Ejazz|

  5. "Wow, that was a quick response and plus my order has already been shipped. It takes other aftermarket store to ship my parts in 5-7 days but this was fast. Thanx again .... and u really do u have great customer service. :)"|T. Prajapati|

  6. "Thank you very much for the info on dash pieces you forwarded to me. Great service and much appreciated."|P. Berkhout|

  7. "All other customer service I come across has never come close to the service you provide and be as personal with the customer.  I have already recommended you to many friends for future purchases because obviously you take care of the people you deal with."|N. Van Dyke|

  8. "....I am sure to buy off your website again because of your customer service and prompt reply's with the emails..."|J. Shiong|





  9. "Thank you ..., I do appreciate your honesty and comments..."|M. Van Jaarsvel|

  10. "Thanks... got it fine and looks great thanks for your assistance.."|J. Ellis|

  11. "Thanks, I appreciate the speed in which you've dealt with my order..."|B. Nordheim|

  12. "...thanks for your great customer support, much appreciated!!"|S. Dunn|

  13. "Thank you very much for all your help and continual contact, it is consolation that you have gone out of your way to make a customer feel content. Once again i'm overwhelmed by the great customer support I receive each time I deal with your business."|D. Wright|

  14. "Thank you for ensuring that the order arrived as stated, promptly.... I am assured through your customer service and replies via email that you are a reputable organisation.  Your name shall be spread throughout circles here positively indeed."|A. Pell|

  15. "Thanks for the great item, I received it amazingly fast and I love the steering wheel fantastic product fantastic service."|D. Meneguz|

  16. "I'm sure you'll be able to help me in the future.  I've already added you to my 'Favourites' list...Your customer service has been 'par excellence' "|P. Stap|

  17. " - itz hard enuff gettin parts here locally cant believe I got my order from you guys so quick. peace out..."|M. Spicer|

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