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Demo Car

1991 Toyota Soarer - 2.5 Straight 6, Twin Turbo

"LEXTC" - Original Mark I Build

Photo Gallery

Click on the following images to see larger images of the Import Scene Soarer throughout its first build and at different shoots and events.


In the Beginning

The Import Scene Demo Soarer was bought stock standard in 2002 from Distinctive Car Imports (Perth's Specialist Soarer importer). The original ad in a local Autotrader had it specified as follows:

We took this car and bombed it with Import Scene products and additional add-on's from our partners in the industry to make a car that could be driven daily, put on the drag strip, raced on the track and still be able to take out show-car awards at major shows. We achieved all this and more as detailed below.


Magazine Appearances

The Import Scene Soarer has been featured in Hot 4's Magazine (Plus the Poster Book series), a Swedish magazine (Street Extreme), Belgium magazine (Street Tuner), Spanish magazine (Automax) and an Italian magazine (Elaborare). The feature from Hot 4's (in English) is below and provides a comprehensive overview of the car as it was back then.


Hot 4's Feature


International Magazine Features

The following picture gallery includes the features that were in the international (Sweden, Belgium, Spain and Italy) magazines - Street Extreme, Street Tuner, Automax and Elaborare. Additional features that were published in the Hot 4's poster book and as part of Motorvation coverage are also included:


Show Successes

The Import Scene Soarer won the prestigious "MR TRD" award at the 2002 Western Salon representing the best overall Toyota at the show.

We also picked up "The Illuminator" award in the Expert class (Highest category) at the 2003 Perth AutoSalon.

If you haven't got into the show scene then I recommend you do. It's very rewarding experience and a lot of fun.




Drag Strip


In keeping with our original plan to make this a great all-rounder, we regularly took it to the Kwinana Drag strip. The best time we could muster was a respectable 13.595 as evidenced by the time slip below right.

This was with mild tuning including a steel wheel turbo conversion, Super AFC II, AVC-R Boot controller (at 13psi), intercooler and air pod.

Not bad for a car with two layers of carpet, full leather retrim, 4 subs, 3 amps, stereo housing plus around 100kgs of driver! Even the neon's were on!



To really prove that some show cars are not simply built for looks we additionally put the Soarer through it's paces out at the Collie track and also at MC Motorsport for circuit training. Here's some pics...

So if you are building a street car, performance machine, show-car, track car, drag car or a combination of these then contact us - we've got what you need to be nationally and internationally recognised! This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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